All Frederick Youth Hockey Association (FYHA) teams will play under the Chesapeake Bay Hockey League (CBHL) and will play under the rules of the CBHL and USA Hockey (to the extent that individual rink facilities permit such compliance). In addition, the Board of Directors may modify or supplement CBHL & USA Hockey rules with local rules applicable to FYHA games as appropriate to carry out the objectives of the constitution and by-laws.

The FYHA Board of Directors will review and approve the FYHA rules prior to the start of each season. The President will notify the members of the Board of meetings for reviewing rules, and will distribute complete and current copies of the rules as soon as possible following their approval for the season. Updated rules will be distributed to all coaches and managers, as well as posted on the website prior to the beginning of league play.


Player assignment to classification from Mite through Midget and Girls shall be governed by the CBHL and USA Hockey rules.


Members of the FYHA will not participate in any other organized competitive hockey organizations associations or clubs, with the exception of those associated with the Maryland Scholastic Hockey League (MSHL). Failure to adhere to the FYHA's policy regarding multiple teams by a FYHA member could result in disciplinary action up to, and including termination from the Club.


A game misconduct resulting in suspension during a CBHL game must be served at the next CBHL game. Under USA Hockey rules, suspensions are to be served at the next game that is sanctioned by USA Hockey. A player or coach will satisfy both suspension rules if the next game is a CBHL game. If the next game is not a CBHL game (but a USA Hockey game), the player or coach must “sit out” the next game to satisfy the USA Hockey rule and wait for the next CBHL game to serve the CBHL suspension. Players and coaches suspended from any game shall be listed in the suspended player section of the score sheet. The FYHA maintains the right to increase game suspension should circumstances warrant it.


Enforcement of game suspensions shall be the responsibility of the offending player's coach. A failure to comply shall result in the automatic forfeiture of the game(s) in which the suspended player improperly participates. In addition, the head coach will receive a one game suspension or each game in which a suspended player participates. Violation of this responsibility is also subject to review by the Commissioner who may impose additional sanctions of up to a season (one year) suspension for the coach who plays a suspended player.


Suspension Hearings will be held as needed to address any Freeze player suspension due to match penalties, fighting, intent to injure penalties, abuse of officials, consecutive game misconducts, and multiple game ejections assessed during league, non-league, or tournament play during the preceding weekend. It is the responsibility of the manager to immediately contact the Disciplinary Chair when any of the above suspensions occur. It is mandatory that these hearings be attended by the offending player and his/her coach. These hearings will be held on Monday evenings and players are prohibited from participating in any Freeze activities until attending and receiving ruling from the hearing. The hearings will be presided over by the Disciplinary Chair and members of the Disciplinary Affairs Committee.

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