Freeze Tier II Travel Hockey

Travel hockey provides a wonderful opportunity for kids to experience the excitement and accomplishment of sport through competition. Players gain first-hand experiences that will service them throughout their lives. They accomplish goals with other teammates. They experience personal learning and the satisfaction of personal development. Without realizing it, they learn problem-solving, strategic thinking and how to analyze and deal with complex situations. They make friendships that last a lifetime.


We field teams in every age level from 8U to 18U.

We also offer 12U (10U girls may also tryout for 12U) Girls and 14U Girls teams.


Supplemental Tryouts for the Frederick Freeze 2023-2024 CBHL Fall Season will be held May 13 at 4:45PM - 6:05PM.


Tryouts and all of your practices will be held at Skate Frederick, 1288 Riverbend Way, Frederick MD 21701.


Our 8U practices will consist of an 80 minute practice and a 70 minute practice weekly.

Our 10U through 16U age groups will have two 80 minute shared practices per week and some full ice practices from August through February.

Our 18U will practice one night per week for 80 minutes.


Freeze teams average 40 - 50 games per season from Virginia and Maryland, ranging in geography from Baltimore to the north and Hampton Roads to the South. Some non-league games will be against clubs in other leagues, such as the DVHL. We also participate in the AHF half season.


Uniforms are not included with these fees. Equipment guidelines can be found here.

Season Fees

Early registration tryout fees will be $125 ($25 for 8U/Mites) through April 16, 2023. After April 16th, the fees will increase to $175 for all levels except for 8U/Mites.

Season fees include AHF and CBHL seasons.

6U/8U Futures $1,100

8U $2,000

10U $3,400 - 10U goalie $2,550

12U $3,500 - 12U goalie $2,700

14U $3,600 - 14U goalie $2,700

16U $3,600 - 16U goalie $2,725

18U $1,900 - 18U goalie $1,600


12U Girls Team Only $1,600

14U Girls Team Only $1,600

(Dual roster girls will be $900 additional to the coed fees)

The Freeze will again be joining the Atlantic Hockey Federation (AHF) to supplement our CBHL season. ALL Freeze teams 10U through 16U (excluding our girls 12U and 14U teams) will play in the AHF half season in addition to the CBHL full season. This tremendous developmental opportunity will include approximately 16 AHF games including two Showcases.

Additional Costs

Additional costs will be incurred throughout the season to cover tournaments and other ancillary costs the team incurs.

Fall 2023-2024

Another great season for our Freeze teams. Our 2022-2023 season features 18U LA, 16U UA, 14U LA, 14U B and 12U Girls reaching the CBHL playoffs. We're looking forward to an even better 2023-2024 season.

The Freeze is proud to announce that we will again be playing the Atlantic Hockey Federation (AHF) to supplement our CBHL season. All Freeze teams (except 8U, 18U and our girls 12U and 14U teams) will play in the AHF next year in addition to the CBHL. This tremendous developmental opportunity will include AHF games, and Showcases.

Tryout Information

2023-2024 Fall tryouts will start on Monday, April 24th. We will not be accepting new registrations at the tryout desk, so please register online before 5:00pm on Sunday, April 23rd. REGISTRATION OPEN. Anyone who cannot attend the scheduled tryout sessions but wishes to play for the Freeze Associate Hockey Director, Mike O'Neil, at and President, Greg Dale at A supplemental tryout will be scheduled.



12U Girls: Friday, May 5, 5:35PM - 6:55PM

14U Girls: Thursday, May 4, 7:10PM - 8:30PM


8U: Friday, April 28, 5:35PM - 6:55PM, and Thursday, May 4, 5:35PM - 6:55PM

10U: Monday, April 24, 5:50PM - 7:10PM, and Thursday, April 27, 5:35PM - 6:55PM

12U: Monday, May 1, 5:50PM - 7:10PM, and Thursday, May 4, 6:00PM - 7:20PM

14U: Thursday, April 27, 6:00PM - 7:20PM, and Monday, May 1, 7:25PM - 8:45PM

16U: Monday, April 24, 7:25PM - 8:45PM, and Thursday, April 27, 7:10PM - 8:30PM

18U: Monday, April 24, 8:40PM - 10:00PM, and Thursday, April 27, 8:45PM - 10:05PM

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