Q: When are the tryouts and where do I register?

A: For the 2023-2024 CBHL season, tryouts are April 24 through May 5. Registration must be completed online.

Q: What is the cost to tryout?

A: $125 early registration and $175 after for all players except for 8U, which is $25. This is a one-time, nonrefundable registration fee. It is not applied to your player's season fees if selected. This fee covers all tryout days, plus supplemental tryout sessions (if necessary).

Q: Why do we need to provide a $500 deposit?

A: A $500 non-refundable roster deposit must be paid when you receive a roster offer. This deposit will secure the players position on a roster best suited for each player determined by the tryout evaluators. This is common practice among most youth hockey programs.

Roster placements will be posted on the Freeze website within 48 hours of the last night of tryouts as well as by individual email notifications. If you choose to decline your roster placement, you will have 24 hours to notify the coach, hockey director, and treasurer that you are withdrawing from the Freeze. If you do not notify your coach within 24 hours, it will be assumed that you wish to keep your roster spot and you will owe $500.

Q: What is the payment structure?

A: A nonrefundable registration fee must be paid online or at the registration desk upon the first night of tryouts. 

The balance of the season fees (total season fees minus the $500 roster deposit) must be paid in full by November 15, 2023 if you select the payment plan. Or you can pay in full when accepting your offer. The payment plan will divide the remaining fees into five monthly installments starting on July 15, 2023 and ending with last payment November 15, 2023.

NOTE: A second online registration is required to all players assigned to teams. This is to accept final payments and to register for payment plans.  With this registration, the balance or payment plan can be paid by credit card or EFT. 

Q: I'm new to travel hockey, what should I expect regarding the amount of travel?

A: We have 2 practices a week, an optional power skating class, and 1-2 games per weekend. The season begins after Labor Day and ends in March. We have home and away games. Games range from Northern Virginia to the Eastern Shore. We also have nearby games in Howard County, Laurel, and others. Typically, each team will choose to play in 2-4 tournaments a year. Some of the tournaments will be local and some can be away. You should expect an excellent coach–to-player ratio, and to develop friendships that last a lifetime. All of our teams participate in the AHF half season (except for 8U, 18U and our girls teams). This league typically starts at the end of August and consists of 16 games in total approximately. It will have 2-3 showcase style tournaments of 4 games each. For more information on the Freeze policies, click here.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions beforehand? 

A: Patrick St Clair: patrick@frederickfreeze.com

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions onsite?

A: We will have a member of the Freeze Board of Directors at the sign-in area during all tryouts to answer questions. If they do not know the answer to a question, they will take your information and follow-up as soon as possible. 

Q: How can I find general information for my player’s age level? 

A: Visit the Frederick Freeze website and click on “Tier II Travel Hockey”

Q: What is the cost if my player makes the team? 

A: The cost varies by age level. It’s available online, as well as at our registration table at tryouts.

Q: What if we are not available for one or more days of tryouts? 

A: Contact Patrick St Clair: patrick@frederickfreeze.com. All players must attend every tryout; however, we reserve the right to leave spots open and hold a supplemental tryout at a later date. For example, if a player is injured or sick at the time of tryouts.

Q: Can you tell me more about the evaluation process?

A: Each evaluation will be attended by a panel of reviewers. Members on this panel include the hockey director, head coach, and other independent evaluators with hockey knowledge. Each evaluator completes a form for each player consisting of numbered scores and notes. These score sheets are compiled to ensure consistency and combine scores into a cumulative average per player. 

From these scores, all players are ranked. Once the final skate is finished the selection panel reviews the rankings and deliberates on the team. The hockey director and head coach have the most heavily weighted vote. The hockey director is the only person with veto power and full accountability. All questions regarding player selection should be directed to Tommy Demers, Frederick Freeze Hockey Director.

Q: What are the evaluators and coaches looking for?

A: The best hockey players. The club is looking for athletes that are highly coachable with strong, positive attitudes. The evaluators are also looking for individuals who are focused and take instruction.

Q: What is expected from new and returning “Freeze Parents”?

A: A strong level of support for the coaches, players, and organization. Specifically, a positive example in the stands and at all Freeze functions.

Q: When can I meet the coach?

A: Our coaches are asked to participate in several evaluations throughout the weekend and will be very busy and focused. We ask that you do not attempt to meet with them or contact them prior to, or during the evaluation process. There will be team meetings within the few weeks after selections are made and rosters are finalized. During these meetings, you will have the opportunity to meet the coaches. 

Q: Who makes the final selection for the teams?

A: Frederick Freeze Hockey Director, Patrick St Clair. He will use the evaluation results from our panel and consult with each team’s coaching staff.

Q: When are selections posted?

A: The numbers of the players who make the team will be posted online within 48 hours of the last night of tryouts, and emails will be sent to families.

Q: How is team placement decided?

A: Teams are placed in the CBHL with input from the coaching staff. Ultimately, the hockey director makes the final decision on level of play based upon his evaluation of where the team will be best suited to continue their skill development. This will occur on or before the CBHL declaration deadline in June. 

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