Parking Lot Safety

Dear Freeze Families-

As you're aware, this year has been full of challenges due to the Covid-19 situation.  It has required a change in planning, coordination and patience not experienced in recent history, so we appreciate the continued communication and cooperation that has been required to ensure our kids are afforded the opportunity to play hockey.  

One of the challenges that we've had to accept this year is our pre and post-game preparations, primarily the additional time spent in the parking lot.  While our organization consists of players from the age of 4 up to 18, you will also find supporters (including future Freeze hockey stars) of all ages congregating in the parking lot throughout the day. With that comes added responsibility by every member of the Freeze family including all coaches, players, families and friends. 

We simply ask that you (1) slow down when driving through the parking lots (2) avoid high traffic areas for your pre and post game preparations and (3) help keep a close eye on our youngsters. 


Thank you for your cooperation!