Thank You Tommy Demers

Coach Tommy Demers has been an integral part of the success of the Freeze for nearly ten seasons. During this time Coach Demers has served as the organization’s Hockey Director and coached several teams in various capacities. Dedicating countless hours in support of our organization, its families, and most importantly – our hockey players, the efforts of Coach Demers have contributed to the growth of the Freeze membership by nearly 25%.

Frederick continues to be a growing area and has an exceptional base of hockey players and families. It is important to provide all members of our hockey community the opportunity for growth, skill development, high-level coaching, various levels of competition and more, in a safe and fun environment. With those fundamentals in place, the possibilities for hockey in Frederick are endless.

Using these principles as guidance and working closely with the Frederick Freeze Board of Directors and its Hockey Oversight Committee, Coach Demers has determined that now is the time for a new voice and leadership to serve in the role of Hockey Director. Coach Demers has crafted a letter to our hockey families and community outlining his thankfulness and thoughts, and it is attached to this memo. We are exceptionally grateful for the efforts, energy and expertise of Coach Demers during his tenure.

Coach Demers will remain an active member of our hockey community for the foreseeable future, including during a transition period while the search and recruitment of a new Hockey Director is conducted. The Frederick Freeze Board of Directors will distribute information to its members and the hockey community about the opening of the Hockey Director position no later than February 28, 2023. Questions regarding the position can be directed to the Frederick Freeze Board of Directors.

Once again, we are thankful for the efforts and work of Coach Demers. We look forward to growing the game of hockey in Frederick and the State of Maryland.


Frederick Freeze Board of Directors

Frederick Freeze Hockey Club