Tier II Travel Hockey

Travel hockey provides a wonderful opportunity for kids to experience the excitement and accomplishment of sport through competition. Players gain first-hand experiences that will service them throughout their lives. They accomplish goals with other teammates. They experience personal learning and the satisfaction of personal development. Without realizing it, they learn problem-solving, strategic thinking and how to analyze and deal with complex situations.


We field teams in every age level from Mite 8U up to Midget 18U.


Tryouts for the season are held in April with the regular season running from September to March.


All of your practice will be held at Skate Frederick.


Our teams practice at least twice per week during the season.


Freeze teams average 30-40 games per season from Virginia and Maryland, ranging in geography from Baltimore to the north and Hampton Roads to the South.


Jerseys are not included with these fees.

Additional Costs

Additional costs will be incurred throughout the season to cover tournaments and other ancillary costs the team incurs.


Some information about the season...